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Falcon Fund is a small private venture capital fund specializing in seed and very-early-stage investments. Its principal is Ed Tuck, who forms and sometimes briefly manages technically-based companies. The Fund invests primarily in young companies in the telecommunications, software and specialty aerospace industries. We are currently an investor in, among others, Touchdown Technologies, makers of high-density semiconductor probe sets; NanoRacks, providing modular electronics support for spacecraft; Pascal's Pocket Corporation, designing highly-advanced consumer computing products; Napo Pharmaceuticals, developing and commercializing proprietary pharmaceuticals; IQinvision, making advanced surveillance cameras; Vivature, providing campus healthcare; Social Fabric Corporation, employing advanced research for relationship facilitation; and Pascal's Pocket Corporation, developing advanced personal computing systems.

We can and do invest in ventures without complete management teams, and with very rudimentary business plans. If appropriate, the Fund will provide housing and basic services for new companies in their first months at cost.

We have invested both in companies we alone have conceived, and in companies based on concepts that are brought to us by their founders. However, we do not invest in ideas. We invest in people who are willing to commit five or more years of their lives to making a company, and who have good knowledge of the markets they intend to serve. Falcon Fund invests only in industries with which its principal has some familiarity, primarily telecommunications, software and certain aerospace and space-related enterprises. For example, we believe that retail, medicine, and natural resources are usually not appropriate for us.

We make only equity investments (no debt), and invest in companies with a reasonable expectation of liquidity through a public securities offering or acquisition in five to seven years. We prefer to invest in companies located or willing to locate in Southern California.

Falcon Fund has informal relationships with other venture capital funds, and usually invites other funds to join us in all but the smallest investments. We also have a relationship with Hallador Partners III, a seed and early-stage fund, in which Hallador may co-invest in situations which fit their criteria. Falcon Fund never charges a finder's or other fee. 

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