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Let's be clear about this: we need you more than you need us. It is an honor for us to be contacted by founders and entrepreneurs.

For an expression of interest, please mail a one- or two-page description of your proposed company (or a complete business plan, if you have one) to the address below. Always include specific information on the market segment your company will serve, a description of its proposed product or service, and background information on yourself and the other founders or principals. Do not include any information you consider to be proprietary. Also please don't submit business plans by facsimile or email unless we ask you to.

A word of advice: most ventures eventually receive funding from some source, but the search may be long. It helps to know that most venture funds have narrow groups of industries in which they feel comfortable. Therefore please avoid "broadcast" mailings and submissions. These waste your valuable time and money.

Like most venture capital funds, Falcon Fund will not sign a non-disclosure agreement until it has decided that a particular opportunity may be an appropriate investment for the Fund. Therefore, submissions that contain non-disclosure agreements will be returned unread.

Here's how to reach us:

    Falcon Fund
    100 N. Barranca Street, Suite 920
    West Covina, CA 91791
    Telephone: 626-966-6235

And here's how to get here, courtesy of Mapquest.com. Our building is the Wells Fargo building, the tallest in the area, on the northeast corner of the San Bernardino (10) Freeway and Barranca Street. You may park under the building in any unmarked space on Level P1:

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